I love to hear from my readers. But before you drop me a line, please peruse this website.

If you’re asking a question that’s been answered on this site, I’m afraid I won’t respond as (I hope you agree) I need to be writing books instead of answering questions that have been answered! I try my darnedest to keep this site up to date so if the information you want isn’t here, it’s likely to be here soon or it isn’t to be had—not even by me!

And to guide you to finding answers to the most asked questions, you can visit my FAQ page, my Coming Soon page, and if you have questions about if characters have books or are going to get them, check each series page (you can find them all under the Titles section) and you’ll see what I intend to do…or not.

The most frequent questions I get are about if so-and-so will get a book and those are answered in these places (all of them!). If your favorite character isn’t mentioned, alas, they’re not on radar to get a book.

In the meantime, I promise I’m working my behind off to get more books to you and post up-to-date information as soon as I can.

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