Reading Order

Folks frequently ask what the reading order of my books should be, and although there are a ton of them, here I’ll accept the herculean task of endeavoring to do that!

Just a note that on this website, on each series page within the Titles section, the books are listed in the order they were released and should be read.

However, as I was writing (and releasing) these books, I was interweaving among series. Doing this meant folks who found me after these books had been released might wonder if there’s a character whose book they’ve missed or may even lose the impact of some fun reveals and guest appearances!

If you discover me and wish to experience it as it happened, this page gives you a guideline.

Now, if you want to free form your devouring of my novels, go forth and READ!

But if you’re starting from the beginning and want the full Kristen Ashley experience, I suggest the following reading order:

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