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On this page you’ll find what’s just out and official release dates of any upcoming novels (with buy links), not to mention what I intend to do with ongoing series and what I’m working on and hope to do next.

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Coming Soon

August 13, 2019

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Quiet Man

Quiet Man

Release Date: August 13, 2019

I’m doing a KA mashup with 1,001 Dark Nights, giving you Quiet Man, hooking up Mo from my Dream Man series and Lottie from my Rock Chicks. This novella will kick off a new series, the Dream Girls series, with more info coming on all of this goodness!

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Just So You Know What’s Happening

Below you’ll find a list of what I’ve released recently, a schedule of what’s to come, what I’m working on and what I’m thinking I’ll work on next. Now…I go where the spirit moves me so this is subject to change (minorly). But here’s what’s come out and what to expect…

Currently working on:

I am now deep in the throes of an EPIC fantasy book that’s a spin-off of my Fantasyland series. Taking place across the Green Sea in that universe, a threat is rising and not one, not two, not three, but FOUR heroes and heroines need to get their shit together to save the day. Multi-POV, intrigue, politics and romance abound…and I might throw in a unicorn or two (and maybe a few mermaids). This will be an Audible Exclusive released late 2019 — with a print release a wee bit later. It’s a challenge, but I…am…LOVING IT…and when you get it, I hope you do to!

As this progresses and books are released, I’ll spread the word!

Colorado Mountain Series

The Colorado Mountain series will have at least one more in the series.

The series will conclude with Coal “Wood” Blackwood. I’ll bring you news of when to expect Wood when I’ve got it–and check out the Colorado Mountain Series Page for more details on all the books.

Don’t leave me hanging, Kit!

I’ve always got stories brewing. Always! And with Loose Ends doing so well, I’ve got even more!

I’ve been thinking a long time about doing a futuristic or apocalyptic or something that ends in “ic” series that will allow me to explore (further!) the boundaries of the alpha male.

Not to mention, I’ve got Lachlan and Emma to write from the Ghosts and Reincarnation series. Henry from The Will needs some loving. Oh…and can’t forget the spin-off to the Rock Chicks when Mace and Stella move to LA and hoping to dig into a military series that will start with Landon Cage, Shy’s brother from Own the Wind.

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