I love food.

Thus, my characters love food. Therefore, I often include mentions of dishes made by characters in my books that are real dishes cooked by moi or that people I love have made for me.

Since I’m all about food, and love (though this is somewhat synonymous for me), I’m all about spreading the love. Thus, sharing the recipes you may come across in my books.

If it wasn’t fabulous, I wouldn’t put it on my website. So, trust me, try these out and use them to feed your family and friends.

And spread the love.

“Do you like chicken enchiladas?”
“Do you like olives?”
“Do you like sour cream?”
“On a scale of a little bit of cheese goes a long way to cheese fanatic, where do you sit?”
We had something in common.

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“Okay, you tussled in the snow with Midnight, let’s get you warmed up. You want some hot cider? Or cocoa? Or are you hungry? A little snack before dinner?”

“Do you have butterly pie?” Janie asked.

Cady stared down at her.

Shannon bumped Kath with her shoulder.

The dust was again rising.

“I…no, honey. I don’t have any of that,” Cady answered.

“You made us butterly pie and it was yummy. Mommy and I loved it. Mommy said to be sure to say thanks, so thanks!”

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