Delivery Expectations

Okay, this is not Amazon.  This is a literal windowless closet filled with books and a tiny countertop.

Our goal though, is to get you your KA goodness as fast as we can.

Therefore, all items are shipped priority. This makes it simple because it’s all-in-one shipping and insurance, fast for you and easy on us.

Kristen does not like to leave anyone out so we’ll ship anywhere (except boxed sets). That said, it happens that some items are super-expensive to ship overseas. We’re sorry about this but we can’t do much about postal rates (that being we can’t do anything). However, there are some items that priority shipping is way too expensive so we send those first class. Priority shipping should get to those in the US one to three days from the date we ship. For overseas, depending on where you are, it could take six to ten days. First class shipping, as per the United States Postal Services, varies by destination.

Whatever it is and wherever it is, if you care enough to want it and buy it, we care enough to get it to you as quickly as we can, packed well and have it arrive safe and sound (where that’s in our control, we can’t be responsible for what the Post Office does!).

Please do not hesitate to email us, though, if something should happen while in transit. Rock On!

A wee note about returns and deliveries: Unless damaged in transit, our merchandise is non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-returnable. If damaged in transit, we’ll need photos of the damaged item(s) in order to make a claim at the Post Office. Further, we generate postal labels directly from the information you provide to us. Therefore, if the Post Office declares the item(s) delivered, we’ll need to ask you to sort that directly with the Post Office.

Important Notes About Orders

Please carefully review the following notes before placing an order.
Box Set Information
Delivery Expectations

Postage Issues?

Please do not hesitate to email us, and if we can, we’ll sort it!

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