Boxed Set Information

Boxed sets of independently published titles are offered in order to provide Kristen’s readers in the US with a discount on buying the full set of a series, something that isn’t available through vendors.

Sadly, due to Kristen being so prolific (so many fabulous books!), we’ve run out of space consistently to be able to offer boxed sets when the store is open (this will be why you may see all the boxed sets listed as “Out of Stock”). However, we understand that Kit’s independently published books are print on demand, and as such are very expensive. Therefore, we’ll still offer opportunities to purchase boxed sets. Please stay tuned to Kristen’s communication channels (newsletter, social media) for news of when boxed sets will become available.

Another note, boxed sets are not available to send internationally. This is not because Kit does not love and adore her international readers. She 100% does! This is because the point of these is to give readers a bargain, and it wouldn’t be a bargain if you gotta pay upwards of an additional $18 per book for us to send you a boxed set. Yeah, we’re not making that up. International postage costs are crazy. So please, take no offense.

It’s also important to note books in a boxed set will be posted unsigned. If you wish to have your books signed, please purchase them individually. We understand there’s an increased charge for signed books, but this is because unsigned books can be handled without us dragging Kit away from her writing.

Mass Market Paperbacks

Boxed sets of the Colorado Mountain, Dream Man, Chaos, Honey and Dream Team Series are not available through this site because they’re traditionally published paperbacks. It’s more cost effective for you to purchase them through your favorite book vendor. Of course, if you want a set of any of these signed, we’re your go-to people! Just purchase each one and you’ll be good to go.

Thank you for taking time to read this information and as ever, Rock On!

Important Notes About Orders

Please carefully review the following notes before placing an order.
Box Set Information
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Postage Issues?

Please do not hesitate to email us, and if we can, we’ll sort it!

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