The Three Series is a trilogy (not surprising) which follows the three couples—mixtures of immortal and mortal—prophesied to save humanity. We start with a vampire and a human. We move on to werewolves. And after that…surprise!

What’s Next

Alas, I must say that my Three Series ends with the Wild and Free.

Now, you know I dig my characters so you’ll often see them pop up in other books. I don’t tend to mix paranormal and fantasy with my contemporaries so that might mean I’ll need to visit with the characters in these books in future by writing more paranormals. I must admit that I do kinda wanna know what Callum’s brothers, Calder and Caleb, not to mention his cousin, Ryon, are gonna do when they find their mates.

So we shall see. The bad news is, nothing is planned at this moment. The good news is, you never know when a vamp or a wolf might bite me!

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