Tying up…Loose Ends.

Loose Ends Anthologies will be volumes of novellas and short stories revisiting some of my characters and telling stories of others who definitely need a happily ever after.

What’s Next

I hope to continue to do these anthologies here and there. Valentine from the Fantasyland Series has a tale that’s yet to be told. Lachlan was left hanging in Lucky Stars. And in my head, many of my couples in past books hit some interesting times my readers will want to know about which for sure merit short stories. When the next anthology is ready to rumble, trust me, I’ll shout it out on all KA channels…loud and proud!


Live outside the U.S.?

But want to find out how I tied up some Loose Ends in print?

Visit Book Depository. According to their website, they ship books worldwide with free delivery. They have all my titles, including foreign translations!

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