Rock Chick Rewards

Rock Chick Rewards are charitable contributions the Rock Chick Nation gives to charities selected by Kit’s Chicklets. And if you’d like to buy a tee or coffee mug to continue our support of these charities, you can go to the Rock Chick Shop.

How did this all begin?

Kit asked herself, what does a sister do when she’s living her dream with thousands of sisters at her back making it real?

She gives back.

To this end, in the past, Kristen did callouts to her Rock Chicks to nominate their favorite girl’s and woman’s charities to receive a Rock Chick Reward (and okay, there’s one for kids, but it’s a good one!). The following charities were selected to receive ongoing awards:

  • Bikers Against Child Abuse
  • Black Girls Code
  • Dove Center
  • Final Salute
  • Girls on the Run
  • The Joyful Heart Foundation
  • Mary’s Place by the Sea
  • Melbourne Period Project
  • Thistle Farms

All monies raised through a variety of fundraisers–from swag sold at the Rock Chick Nation Shop, to Kit doing raffles and auctions, to Kit donating her royalties from the Dream Bites Cookbook (and any other activities Kit dreams up)–are donated to these charities.

Many thanks to those who have supported these efforts…and future thanks as we’re not done giving this goodness and showing the sisterhood can make a difference! Rock On!

Rock Chick Reward Monies Donated


Hit the Rock Chick Shop for fun swag: t-shirts, tanks, phone cases, coffee mugs, posters, and canvases.
Every penny of profit goes to our charities.

Rock Chick Shop

The Programs

There are three programs that I run under the Rock Chick Nation. Each was developed with a specific goal in mind.

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