Rock Chick Rendezvous

Our Rock Chick Rendezvous are kick-ass weekends Kristen hosts where the goal is to pull the Rock Chick Nation together and build the sisterhood through good times and camaraderie. We do road rallies. We hang in bars. We party down, dancing and drinking and getting crazy. We lounge over coffee and chitter-chat.

In other words, we just revel in the beauty of the sisterhood when it’s about nothing but being together, building our bond and having a great freaking time.

We’ve held Rendezvous in a bunch of cities and several countries and we aren’t done because there’s not much better than only having your girls around you as well as having the opportunity to add good women to your posse who will have your back, make you laugh and be at your side even if they’re far away.

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The Programs

There are three programs that I run under the Rock Chick Nation. Each was developed with a specific goal in mind.

Upcoming Rendezvous

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