Rock Chick Recharge

This Rock Chick Nation program is all about what the Nation is all about: doing something for your sister.

This is a Rock Chick’s chance to nominate someone she loves to have a night where she’s spoiled rotten. These nominations can be for any reason. Her nominee is having a tough time and needs a special night. Her nominee gives so much love, she needs someone to show her some love in return. Her nominee has done something amazing that needs to be recognized.

It doesn’t really matter.

When we open the nominating process, those nominating will need to fill out the form (which will appear only during open nomination) below explaining in 500 words or less why their nominee should be selected to attend a Rock Chick Recharge. The KA Team will have a look at the applications and select winners for an intimate and focused evening of goodness. The winners will be notified and invited to attend a fancy-ass dinner at a fancy-ass place where they will be wined and dined with Kristen in attendance as well as get a special, slam-bam-hot-diggity-dog swag bag that won’t only have KA goodness in it but also some other awesome stuff that will pamper the hell out of them.

Read this. It’s the most important part: This is about being selfless. This is about giving, not taking. This is about showing support. This is about sharing love.

This isn’t for you. This is for someone you care about.

Stay tuned for news of the next Recharge!

The Programs

There are three programs that I run under the Rock Chick Nation. Each was developed with a specific goal in mind.

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