They were in her kitchen.

He’d just finished pounding some pork chops into cutlets for the schnitzel Archie was making for dinner for him and his parents. She was at a bowl that was full of broccoli, cheese, red onion and bacon she was mixing with some dressing made of mayo, sugar and vinegar.

She hadn’t yet met him, and still, she was going to serve the perfect Hound Salad: mayo, bacon, cheese, sugar with a nod to something green.

“They’re really gonna like this food, baby,” he told her after she turned to the fridge to shove the salad in.

She shot him a smile. “Awesome.” She wandered the short way to him and leaned against the counter close by his side. “Now, can we talk about how cute it is you’re all in to plan this field trip?”

“Sure, but before you push me up on that pedestal, when I do good things for your kids, I get head, so it’s not entirely altruistic.”

She busted out laughing.

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“At Deacon’s request, my loaded potato casserole (and because Dad liked it too) would be served and Deacon was going to grill steaks (another talent I discovered, my badass could man a grill).”

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(Or Au Gratin Potatoes) Yes, you read that right, Gratin...

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My grandmother liked beans, all kinds of beans, she had...

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