“All I gotta say to that is, life is shit, and it’s totally awesome, so if you can sort through your shit and think being with him through it is awesome, you best be pulling out the trifle bowl.”

This referred to making my famous chocolate pudding.

For Cap.

My trifle bowl saw a lot of action. Every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas at Luna’s folks’ house. Every Oasis Square get-together. And nearly every girls’ night in at my place.

I once showed at our Oasis Square Independence Day Extravaganza without it, and I was shunned. Until I dashed out to Fry’s and did my best with the time I had (I liked my pud to cure overnight, it was still good, because what made it couldn’t be bad, but it wasn’t my best effort).

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“You haven’t even seen my charcuterie board, babe. I got like, five kinds of cheeses and tons of different nuts and olives, and there’s some peppers, and I rolled up the meat myself. And I made cereal treats but with Fruity Pebbles and extra marshmallow, and they rock.”

That sounded amazing.

What was more amazing was the effort he put into it.

For me.

“Are you going to feed me with your fingers?” I asked.

He did a body shrug which was just a shrug, but since his body was flat out on mine, I felt it all along my length.

It felt nice.


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“Okay, you tussled in the snow with Midnight, let’s get you warmed up. You want some hot cider? Or cocoa? Or are you hungry? A little snack before dinner?”

“Do you have butterly pie?” Janie asked.

Cady stared down at her.

Shannon bumped Kath with her shoulder.

The dust was again rising.

“I…no, honey. I don’t have any of that,” Cady answered.

“You made us butterly pie and it was yummy. Mommy and I loved it. Mommy said to be sure to say thanks, so thanks!”

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Brand and I were sitting at Creed’s island with Brand talking a mile a minute, while Kara and Creed were making what they told me was called a “pizzookie.” The pizzookie, as described, was a phenomenon whose existence I was shocked I’d not only never heard of before, but also had never partaken of, copiously. Apparently, you took store bought cookie dough, sprayed a cake tin, scrunched a bunch of dough in the bottom, baked it until it was just cooked but mostly gooey, plopped a shitload of ice cream on top and ate it out of the pan. If you were feeling saucy, Kara further explained, you could do this with brownie dough.

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Honestly? I have no idea where I put this recipe...

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“Since I didn’t have time, I cheated on the key lime pie and made the pie my grandmother taught me how to make, ‘When you’re in a pinch, sugar plum.’ That was, frozen lime juice concentrate mixed with Cool Whip, tossed into a premade graham cracker crust and chilled. It didn’t hold a candle to the real thing but, like Mamaw said, it did in a pinch or at least the way Hop, Molly and Cody wolfed it down, it seemed to.”

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