“Smells good,” he murmured when his head came up.

“Fish pie.”


God, he could “mm” great in that gravelly way of his.

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“Steph’s chicken.”

“Who’s Steph?”

“Some unknown, faceless but undeniably brilliant woman who came up with a killer Crock-Pot recipe for chicken.”

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“He knew it in that instant because he also knew in that instant he’d do anything, absolutely anything, beg, borrow, steal, kill, crawl, lie, cheat, die, eat taco extravaganza…

All just for her smile.”

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“At Deacon’s request, my loaded potato casserole (and because Dad liked it too) would be served and Deacon was going to grill steaks (another talent I discovered, my badass could man a grill).”

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Snowballs: photo by Michelle Reed

These are the cookies Benny Bianchi adores and Frankie Concetti makes for him. And once you try them, you’ll know just how angry he was in “that moment” when she sent them to him for Christmas because no one should waste this goodness…ever!

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Benny Bianchi’s favorite cake, the cake Frankie bakes for him for his birthday, the cake his mom gives up the recipe to without a fight because she knows Frankie is “The One.”

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