Kit’s Fried Chicken

Kit's Fried Chicken

Kit’s Fried Chicken

Kit’s Fried Chicken


  • Buttermilk
  • Marinade:
  • Salt
  • Tabasco
  • Chicken
  • Coating:
  • Flour
  • Baking Soda (or, for the Brits, Bicarb)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Seasoning (your choice: Italian Seasoning and/or Garlic Salt OR Cayenne Pepper OR Chilli Powder or be creative)
  • Crisco or, in the UK, Trex

How to do it…

  1. Fry in: Crisco or, in the UK, Trex (apparently, for true Southern fried chicken, you’re supposed to use Lard but Lard freaks me out so I don’t use it and Crisco or Trex are loads better, in my opinion, lighter fried chicken (if there is such a thing)).
  2. You will see I do not give measurements because I do not measure when I make my chicken. That is just how fabulous I am with making my chicken, I’m so confident it’s gonna be awesome, I don’t bother to measure. And it’s always awesome.


I will say, since I don’t eat dark meat and I’m a lazy eater so I don’t want to bother with bones and such, that I usually slice chicken breasts in strips and cook those. Takes tons less time while frying and all yummy white meat!

But these are some indicators if it’ll help you: 1 ½ Pints buttermilk; 3 Tablespoons salt; 1 Tablespoon Tabasco for 8 chicken breasts.

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