Easy Fake Key Lime Pie


My grandmother was a crappy cook. Don’t despair! If she were alive, she’d totally laugh at hearing me say that, nodding her head and telling me to get in the kitchen to make her something good to eat. She loved food, she just hated preparing it. And this is not a joke, she ordered, and ate, dessert first. She said that she might be too full later so she wasn’t going to waste the room in her stomach on the stuff you had to eat before you got to the good part.

Even if she sucked at cooking, this was mostly pretending to suck in order not to have to do it. I know this because she made awesome baked beans (see recipe on this site), the best chocolate chip cookie dough EVAH (yes, I said dough – she didn’t bother to actually bake the cookies), and delicious chicken and dumplings…to name a few.

To name one more, her Easy Fake Key Lime Pie is the bomb.

Now, this pie is not one thing like real key lime pie. It doesn’t even look like real key lime pie. And it’s so filled with good badness (or bad goodness), your jaws will ache when you take your first bite.

But if you dig it, you’ll make it over and over again.

This is another of my family recipes that requires almost zero time and very few ingredients (thus why Gram made it, I’m sure). And I’m giving you this recipe from memory. I meant to make it to be certain that what I was telling you was correct. Maybe I’ll do that…after I write the book I’m writing. HA! So if you make it and it’s rubbish, my apologies.

Easy Fake Key Lime Pie

  • Prep Time

    5 min
  • Cook Time

    60 min
  • Serves

Easy Fake Key Lime Pie


  • 1 tub Cool Whip
  • 1 can frozen Limeade Concentrate
  • 1 pre-prepared graham cracker crust*

How to do it…

  1. Let the limeade thaw a wee bit so you can pour it out of the can. Get a bowl. Dump in the Cool Whip. Dump in the limeade. Stir until competely combined. Spoon into the crust. If memory serves, this will fill the crust quite full, so if you want, you can spend some time making fun swirls and peaks to make it pretty and wow all your guests who will haven no clue this pie took you five minutes to make. Or you can just dump it in and swipe your hands. Job done!
  2. Now, put that puppy in the fridge to let it set. I'd give it some time, at least an hour.
  3. When you cut in, it should give you nice, clean slices of soury-sweet goodness. And when you tuck in, you'll understand why Hop, Molly and Cody wolfed it down!


* Now, if you feel like being domestic and preparing your own homemade graham cracker crust, go for it. But with this pie, I wouldn't bother.

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