The Dawn of the End (New Cover)

The Rising Series

Book 7



The Dawn of the End is the third book in the Rising Series.

Please note: This product has the second generation cover.

Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, there existed the continent of Triton…

The queen has been assassinated. The Enchantments are under attack. The plot is unfolding. And our lovers, Silence and Mars, Cassius and Elena, True and Farah and Aramus and Ha-Lah are forced to separate as treachery and civil war sweep Triton.

Not to mention, the Beast is still a threat to every breathing being on the continent, and it is the destined warriors and witches who must stop him.

The attention of the fated mates is scattered and weighed down with bereavement and heartbreak as some leave Wodell to go to Airen, Mar-el and Firenze.

But they must amass their powers….

The Beast is rising.

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