Nightingale Travel Mug





Lee Nightingale does not have a question on his application form that says, “Are you hot? Yes. No. If no, leave the building.”

But when he brings on a member of the team, he gives them one of these.

Feel like part of the Nightingale private investigation service with your very own Nightingale Travel Mug! Buy this now!

Please Note:
Due to cost prohibitions, the Nightingale Travel Mug is available for purchase in the USA only. If you live outside the US and really wish to be a member of the Nightingale team, see the note below.

Live outside of the USA:
Please contact us and we can invoice you for the price of the travel mug plus your shipping preference.

The KA Online Store is now closed. We will reopen on November 15 and stay open for holiday orders until December 15. But KA Swag to benefit the Rock Chick Nation is always for sale. Just click on the Rock Chick Nation tag at the top of this page. Rock ON!

178 in stock (can be backordered)


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