Making the Match Fundraiser/Alley Cat Allies – LEVEL ACE – River Rain Sticker and Signed Bookplate





Help Tom and Mika make a difference in some kitty cats’ lives!!!!

With this $25.00 donation, you’ll get a River Rain Outdoors Store sticker AND an exclusive bookplate signed by Kristen (see gallery photos on this listing for one-of-a-kind bookplate you’ll get)!

Please note that these orders will go out after the fundraiser ends so that we can gather all the information, and Kristen can get the bookplates signed for you!

Thank you for making a difference in his world. Tom and Mika send their love!

The KA Online Store is closed for now. We'll reopen soon! And remember! KA Swag to benefit the Rock Chick Nation is always for sale. Just click on the Rock Chick Nation tag at the top of this page. Rock ON!

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