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KA Book Surprises

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Kristen has a ton of books that either have some mild damage and she doesn’t feel comfortable selling them at signed book prices, or was mis-inscribed to the wrong person. They’re stacking up, and it’s time to do a clear out or Starla will get lost in the piles.

Take your chance for a bargain print book price to get a KA Book, signed to you (this might be signed over a mistake, but Kit will make it as right as she can) and it’ll wing it’s way through the mail to you and it’ll be like your birthday, you won’t know what you’ll get, but it’ll be all for you!

Please note: This will be a mass market paperback size, not the larger trade size. Also, we can’t take into account what KA books you might have. We never know what titles will be in this stock (part of the surprise!) and as such, what you might get. And we can’t do refunds if you get something you already have. So have a good think before you buy!

The KA Online Store is closed for Kit to have a wee bit of a break. It will open again soon! Rock On!

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