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Do you have a book review blog? Are you interested in receiving advance review copies (ARCs) of Kristen Ashley books? If so, keep reading!

Rules are no fun, but unfortunately in life you have to have them. Though these are short and sweet!

1) Review copies are open to any reviewer with any size blog. It doesn’t matter how big your blog is, how many followers you have, etc. Just ask. We’ll put you on the list.

2) Reviewers must have a blog or their own review site. Unfortunately, we can’t offer advanced review copies if a reviewer only reviews on such places as Goodreads and Amazon.

3) We offer a set number of review copies to bloggers, so everyone who applies may not be selected to receive an ARC. And just to note, if you’ve been selected to receive an ARC, we unfortunately cannot guarantee you’ll get the next book coming out. We want to spread the love!

4) You only have to send your info once. Your name will then be in our database and randomly selected with new book releases. That said, if any of this information changes, please let us know so we can update our database.

5) Because time is always short, we ask that you not send us to a site that requires we fill out a form.

6) Kristen does giveaways for her own releases that we will communicate if a reviewer accepts an invitation to do a blog tour with us. However, she can no longer offer unique giveaway opportunities to bloggers. That said, if the giveaway is for charity, please let us know as Kit definitely considers these.

7) If an interview is agreed, please send the questions three weeks in in advance of posting the piece in order that Kristen has time to answer these for you.

That’s all the rules – see it’s easy!

Thank you for wanting an ARC!

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