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soonA Down and Dirty Schedule

On this page you’ll find what’s just out and official release dates of any upcoming novels (with buy links), not to mention what I intend to do with ongoing series and what I’m working on and hope to do next.

All of this information will be also announced not only on this website, but through my newsletter, on my Facebook page and on my Twitter account.

So stay tuned in all ways you can!  Rock on!

February 13, 2018

With 1,001 Dark Nights, I’ve released Rough Ride, a novella sharing Rosalie and Snapper’s story. Go back to the Chaos Compound while getting ready for a year of Chaos (Hound and Keely’s story will follow in the summer) and learn what happens when Rosalie takes a hit (a big one) for the men and Chaos, and what that means for her future. Rosalie and Snapper’s story is available in print and eBook. You can hit it up here (for print, click the Amazon link): Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Google Play.

April 3, 2018

During my birthday month, I surprised my readers with another Rock Chick book, the story of everyone’s favorite straight-talking, fingernail-polishing, I-don’t-do-filing receptionist, Shirleen Jackson, and her man, Moses. But truly, this novella is three different love stories (and some would argue four). I couldn’t think of a better birthday present to myself than to go back to the world of the Rock Chicks and give an HEA to the beloved Shirleen. And now, you can get it too. Just hit one of these links and it’s all yours! Audible, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo.

May 1, 2018

The finale to my Honey series, The Greatest Risk, gives you the goods on Stellan, and the mysterious Mistress Sixx. While writing these two, they were full of surprises. It was an emotional roller coaster I just loved to be on, throwing my hands right up in the air and enjoying the ride. I cannot wait for my Chicklets to get to know the beauty of Stellan down deep to his soul. And Sixx might just be the favorite heroine I’ve ever written! This book is now out in print, eBook and audio. You can get it on any of these links: Amazon, AudibleBAM!Barnes & NobleiBooks, indieBound, Kobo, Google Play, Powell’s, The Ripped Bodice and Tattered Cover!

July 31, 2018

Hound and Keely’s story roared out this summer!

As you’ll know if you’ve read Walk through Fire, Hound has been harboring some feelings for Keely, his dead MC brother’s widow. This is a no-go zone for any brother of the Chaos MC. And Hound knows it. Regardless, Keely found the love of her life in Black. She’s not looking for love elsewhere, especially not a Chaos brother. But then words are exchanged and both of them start to think differently. With all that baggage, can they find their way to each other?

You can get this book now in eBook, print and audio. AmazonAudibleiBookKindleNookKobo, Google Play.

October 23, 2018

In my first anthology, Loose Ends, readers will find three short stories and two novellas taking them back to characters and series in my universe. Through stories in this collection, you’ll again visit The ‘’Burg (Joe and Vi!), Heaven and Hell (Hap and Luci are here!), Unfinished Heroes (Deacon and Cassidy), the Honey (Diesel, Maddox and Molly), and Rock Chick (Tod and Stevie and…well, the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch!)

This book will be out in digital, print and audio. We have a few pre-orders ready for you now with more to come. Hit them up! iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook

Just So You Know What’s Happening

Below you’ll find a list of what I’ve released recently, a schedule of what’s to come, what I’m working on and what I’m thinking I’ll work on next. Now…I go where the spirit moves me so this is subject to change (minorly). But here’s what’s come out and what to expect…

Currently finished:

  • I’ve written Hound and Keely’s story from the Chaos series and they rode out in July.
  • That’s not it! I’ve written my first anthology, Loose Ends, which will be out on October 23, 2018!!!!
  • Onward…I’ve finished Rush and Rebel’s story from the Chaos series! Rebel will be introduced in a novella from Loose Ends which finishes up a story I introduce in The Greatest Risk of the Honey series (and that won’t be the only crossover in this book – you know me, I like to visit my peeps!). This book will be released in early 2019!
  • Busy, busy…I’ve finished Toby and Addie’s story, The Slow Burn, the finale to the Moonlight and Motor Oil series, and right now I’m hoping to release that in late spring 2019!
  • SHOO!

Currently working on:

  • I’ll be working on a couple of projects for 1,001 Dark Nights, one will be a novella that will cross over two of my series (Rock Chick meets Dream Man anyone?) and with this will be some added goodness that’s something I’ve never done which I’ll be working on with a cook! I won’t say more…until there’s more to say.
  • I honestly don’t know what will come after that. If Loose Ends works, I might fiddle with some more novellas and short stories.  I might finish out Colorado Mountain (because Wood needs his story, I’m just holding on because that’s the last of my “early” series and I don’t want to say goodbye). Oh, and there will be some fantasy in the mix, that’s for certain! One never knows…the only thing I DO know is that I’ll post it RIGHT HERE when I know what I’m gonna dive into so you’ll know too!

As this progresses and books are released, I’ll spread the word!

What else is up for ongoing series?

The Chaos Series

As a spin-off of the Dream Man series, the Chaos series has been unleashed.

The first four books have been released through Grand Central Publishing (see the Chaos Series Page for titles available, buy links and reading order) with Rough Ride, Snapper and Rosalie’s story out as a novella from 1,001 Dark Nights (buy link also available on my Chaos Page), not to mention the independently published Wild Like the Wind, which was released in July 2018.

I’ll finish the series at the beginning of 2019  with the novel Free, the story of Rush and Rebel.

Live wild and ride free, sistahs!

Colorado Mountain Series

The Colorado Mountain series will have at least one more in the series.

The series will conclude with Coal “Wood” Blackwood. I’ll bring you news of when to expect Wood when I’ve got it–and check out the Colorado Mountain Series Page for more details on all the books.

Don’t leave me hanging, Kit!

Also in my mind is possibly spending more time in my parallel universe (but on a different continent this time) and a new series I’ve been thinking about a long time that will be futuristic or apocalyptic or something that ends in “ic” but will allow me to explore (further!) the boundaries of the alpha male. Not to mention, I’ve got Lachlan and Emma to write from the Ghosts and Reincarnation series. Oh…and can’t forget the spin-off to the Rock Chicks when Mace and Stella move to LA and hoping to dig into a military series that will start with Landon Cage, Shy’s brother from Own the Wind.

So yes, lots to write but don’t despair…it may be a wait but you’ll get them! I keep this page as up to date as possible (not to mention the entire website) so when there’s news to be had, I’ll be sharing it.

That said, you can also keep in the know as I commune copiously on social media. So follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to hear it all!