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Rock Chick Rendezvous


Book launch at Weston College

Cry Baby Ranch book signing in Denver

MIND Fundraising Event

My lovely friend Wendy invited me to have a stand at her daughter, Catherine’s fundraising event for MIND, a charity that helps people take control of their mental health. Catherine put a huge amount of work into this event as a tribute to two people she loves very dearly. I was delighted to attend, not only to introduce new folks to Rock Chick but to be there to support Catherine and Wendy. I know fundraising events are a lot of work and you have to have a great deal of energy and commitment to pull them off.

And let’s just say Catherine and her crew pulled it off! They raised over £700 for MIND! It was unbelievable – a fantastic effort that I’m sure MIND and the people they support will appreciate.

Well done Catherine! (By the by, the lovely Catherine is in photo four with her man Chris and her Mum (and my friend) Wendy).

Playing dress up with Tod and Stevie

Wild at Heart Book Signing