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Reading Order for All Kristen Ashley Titles

Frequently, folks ask me what the reading order of my books should be, especially if I hook them and they want to dive into my entire library.

Just a note that on this website, in their sections the books within each series are listed in the order they should be read. So if you are one of those people who wants to start at the beginning, you can see where the beginning is.

As many of you know, my characters can show up anywhere so if you're starting from the beginning and want the full Kristen Ashley experience, I suggest the following reading order:

1) The Rock Chick Series (Now, this series is a definite first...BUT, I would strongly suggest reading The Colorado Mountain Series somewhere in this mix. You'll need to have read Breathe before you read the finale to the Rock Chick Series, Rock Chick Revolution to get the full impact of something. I shall say no more!)

2) The Dream Man Series

3) The Chaos Series/The Unfinished Hero Series

4) The ‘Burg Series

If you're really particular about getting the full experience, I suggest you make time to read For You of The 'Burg Series before you read Jagged of the Colorado Mountain Series. I know this sounds confusing, but it wasn't when I was writing them!

The rest of my books can be read in whatever order you like, however, Heaven and Hell would be more fun to read after the Rock Chicks, the Colorado Mountain and The 'Burg series are consumed.

If you’re new to my work, it should be noted that if you read one, you don’t get the same “feel” for all. For instance, The Rock Chick series is fast-paced and full of humor. There is emotionality to it but The Colorado Mountain Series and The ‘Burg Series are more descriptive, longer and more raw. The Dream Man Series is a spin-off of Rock Chick and follows that same vein but it’s a little deeper. The Unfinished Hero Series is like Dream Man but it is more erotic and it is important to note this series is about anti-heroes and anti-heroines, it is an exploration of those concepts so if that isn’t your gig, beware!

I hope that helps to increase your enjoyment of my books since, for me, that's what it's all about!

Rock on!