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News Just In

The Will now out!

My new series, Magdalene, has begun! The first in the series, The Will, has been released! Discover my little town in Maine and read the story of Jake and Josephine, the crazy way they come together, and the journey they take to stay that way. Just click and get your KA goodness!

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Kaleidoscope has been unleashed!

The next in the Colorado Mountain Series is out! It sure was fun to hit the mountains again. Now you can dip into some Deck and Emme goodness with just one click!

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Rock Chick available in audio format!

Audible has released the first in the Rock Chick Series in audio format! That's right, Indy, Lee and the gang are available to plug right in your ears! The rest of the series (you read that correctly, ALL of it!) will be available on June 10, 2014. But you can get your kicks from Rock Chick now! Just click on the link below to download your copy!

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Pre-Order the Series!

Fire Inside now in print!

The second in the Chaos Series, Lanie and Hop's story is now available to hold in your hot little hands. Now, who doesn't want to get their hands on Hop? Get thee to a bookstore or your favorite online retailer and find yourself a hot biker who knows how to weild a guitar. Easy links below and don't forget, if you want a signed copy, just go to our sales site and get it direct from moi!

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Want a Signed Kit Book? Now they're just a click away...

With our new handy-dandy order pages, you can get personally signed books, Rock Chick bumper stickers or Kristen Ashley commemorative poker chips (what are we commemorating? being badass!). Just click on the site appropriate for you and you can have your own bit of goodness coming to you straight from Kit's office! Rock on!

US Orders - International Orders

Just to would help a whole lot if you go to order your KA goodness that you read our instructions (can't miss them - they're in bright Rock Chick pink!). If you buy a personalized book, it kinda helps that we know who to personalize it for :-). So do us a BIG honkin' favor and make sure we have the details so we can get you what you want!

Just in! We now are selling boxed sets of Rock Chick and Unfinished Heroes on our order site. We know these are expensive to purchase individually so we've made it so you can get them at a discount. A note on this, these are unsigned boxed sets and are only available to order in the US due to the shipping charges making them not such a deal outside The States (far cheaper for my Rock Chicks abroad to get them via online channels). But we wanted to do our best to make it easier on the pocketbook. Rock on!

Coming Attractions

Lots of goodness coming your way!

Now, as you know, I'm always working in my Rock Chick Lair to have more books coming your way. Coming up this year I'll have the next in The 'Burg series, the story of Frankie and Benny. I'll have a release date and teaser chapters up on the website soon.

Then you'll see the next in The Three Series as well as another Unfinished Hero. There's always more goodness is being tapped out on my keyboard! Check out my Coming Soon section under Titles to see what I'm thinking.

Now I best get to typing...

Schedule of Appearances

I'll be out and about this year, again, this time travelling the globe (a bit) and doing one of the things I love best, meeting my Rock Chicks!

If you want to hit a meet and greet, here are your shots!

RT Booklovers Convention, May 13-18th, 2014, New Orleans

Book Bash, June 28-29th, 2014, Orlando

London Meet and Greet with Kristen Ashley, August 2, 2014 (We're sorry to say that tickets for this event are sold out.)

Rock Chick Rendezvous 2014, October 18, Phoenix (this will be a book signing and a dinner, details are being confirmed, more to follow)

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Got a Question? Get an Answer...

That's right, I've created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). I'm hoping to give this its own banner section but my website is like me, sah-weet but sometimes difficult.

If you've got a burning question such why my books come out later at Barnes and Noble and Sony or how I write, the answer might just be a click away. Just hit the word "Biography" on the top banner of this site, scroll down and the answers will be yours!

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Wanna be in the know about what's happening and what's up next? Like my Facebook Author Page. I usually visit at least once daily but also this is where I announce new downloadable chapters, give sneak previews of book covers, share when books are published and even cry for help when I'm writing and need a name, a car for my hero or the like. Like it, try it and hope to see you there.

I have also finally entered the Twitterisphere... an uncertain universe that everyone is talking about and unusually slowly (okay, maybe not unusually, I can be slow), I've finally thrown in my lot. Follow me on Twitter KristenAshley68 - but a caution, I usually tweet about whatever is happening not only in books but in life. I have connected with several of my readers there, though, and I'm lovin' it!

Read your Kaleidoscope teaser now!

Since meeting Jacob Decker in Breathe, I've been fascinated. A tall, dark hunk of goodness who's a genius and he makes his own brownies. What's not fascinating about that? Of course, then there was the conversation Deck had with his best friend Chace at the end of Breathe that made me want to dig in and find Deck his HEA.

Little did I know that Deck was going to lead me into a puzzle that was more than a little frustrating (for him and me) to sort out. Emmanuelle "Emme" Holmes, a woman Deck knew well...once. A woman with demons, smart, strong, knows her own mind but that mind is playing tricks on her and keeping her from true happiness.

Deck's got a lot to sort out. Luckily, he's not only gorgeous and unbelievably smart, he's also patient...ish.

Now, here's your taste of Deck and Emme's story, teaser chapters of Kaleidoscope, the next in my Colorado Mountain Series.

This book will be released in ebook on Feburary 4, 2014. Pre-orders available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony! (Please note, pre-orders are available for those in the US and Canada only - but never fear! This book will be released internationally on February 4 so no one will miss out!)