Due to illness on the KA Team, processing orders might be sporadic for the next three to four weeks. We will be processing orders and we will be getting your KA goodness to you. But we ask for your patience as all get happy and healthy! So feel free to order away! And Rock On!

We’ve received a ton of requests for signed books and merchandise, so we’ve created this nifty page where you can order signed Kristen Ashley books and swag – easily and quickly!

All prices include personal signing on books, postage and packing except boxed sets (which will not be signed) and additional postage will be added if the books will be posted out of the country. If this book is not for you, please indicate in the note section through the order process to whom Kristen should sign the book. Depending on your purchase, it’d be a good idea to read our handy-dandy notes on personalization, boxed sets and delivery, just click on the bullet points below.

In 2017, Kit has dedicated herself to writing a ton of books so she’s being super precious with her writing time. Therefore, we’ll be processing all orders on Mondays. If an order was placed on a Monday, it will be fulfilled the following Monday.

One last note, we’re aware many of you can’t get to book signings and with Kit deciding to cut back on them, we dig that folks would love to have the books they own signed. Kit has shared that she’s willing to sign books sent to her but we require pre-addressed packaging materials and pre-paid postage be provided with the books when you send them. Further, we can’t be responsible for proper postage, addressing and return of these items. We’ll simply package them as best we can in the materials you provide and drop them off at the Post Office. The rest is up to you and the postal service! In other words, please don’t send a box of books for Kristen to sign without some way for us to get them back to you that’s quick and easy.

Thanks for your order and Rock On!

The Honey Series

Three Wishes

Dream Men Series

Chaos Series

Unfinished Hero Series

Colorado Mountain Series

Magdalene Series

The ‘Burg Series

The Fantasyland Series

The Colorado Plains Series

Heaven and Hell

The Three Series

Ghosts and Reincarnation Series

Rock Chick Nation Charity Tees

If you have an interest in buying a “Blue Moon Gypsies,” “Carnal is for Bikers,” “Chaos,” “Fortnum’s,” or “Smithie’s T-Shirt in support of one of the Rock Chick Nation charities, you can either click on one of the images below to go direct to Teespring to buy or re-launch a campaign, or you can go to the Rock Chick Nation page to see what it’s all about, see how much money we’ve already given in Rock Chick Rewards then select your tee and do your thing to wave the Rock Chick Flag and help some great causes along the way!

Fortnum's Tee







Chaos TeeBlue Moon Gypsies TeeCarnal Is for Bikers tee