Rock Chick Nation

RCNFinalBlackTo support those who supported me in living my dream, I’ve created the Rock Chick Nation, a community of sisters looking after sisters, doing good deeds, having fun and living, breathing and rocking the Rock Chick lifestyle.

The Mission is to live your best life, be true to your true self, recognize your beauty, and last but definitely not least, take your sister’s back whether they’re at your side as friends and family or if they’re thousands of miles away and you don’t even know who they are.



Hit the Rock Chick Nation Charity Shop for all sorts of fun swag: t-shirts, tanks, phone cases, coffee mugs, beach towels, posters, canvases – and every penny of profit goes to our charities. Just click the words below…

Rock Chick Nation Shop

There are three programs that I run under the Rock Chick Nation: Rock Chick Rewards, Rock Chick Rendezvous and the brand-new Rock Chick Recharge.

You can read about them here.

Rock Chick Rewards

Rock Chick Rewards are charitable contributions the Rock Chick Nation gives to charities selected by my Chicklets. You can read more about this program below.

And to buy a tee, hoodie, coffee mug, poster, phone cover, poster, book bag, canvas and other awesome stuff to continue our support of these charities, you can go to the Rock Chick Nation Shop.

Causes the Rock Chick Nation Currently Supports

Melbourne Period Project: $2,800

To add to our donation to Melbourne Period Project by purchasing “Truck’s Gym” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for Melbourne Period Project




Mary’s Place by the Sea: $6,950

To add to our donation to Mary’s Place by the Sea by purchasing “J&J’s Saloon” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for Mary’s Place by the Sea





Final Salute Inc.: $25,700

To add to our donation for Final Salute Inc. by purchasing “Smithie’s” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for Final Salute Inc.




Blue Moon Gypsies TeeThe Joyful Heart Foundation: $25,010

To add to our donation for The Joyful Heart Foundation by purchasing “Blue Moon Gypsies” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for Joyful Heart Foundation



Chaos TeeBikers Against Child Abuse: $32,360

To add to our support for Bikers Against Child ABuse by purchasing “Chaos” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for BACA



Carnal Is for Bikers teeThe Dove Center (formerly The Erin Kimball Foundation): $12,150

To add to our support for The Dove Center by purchasing “Carnal is for Bikers” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for Dove Center



Fortnum's TeeThistle Farms: $21,830

To add to our support for Thistle Farms by purchasing”Fortnum’s Used Books” merchandise, order it here: Rock Chick Nation for Thistle Farms





Grace After Fire: $1,202

  • This campaign was an auction and has no ongoing T-shirt campaign.
  • To donate directly to Grace After Fire, click here.

LAM Foundation: $1,360

  • This campaign was an auction and has no ongoing T-shirt campaign.
  • To donate directly to the LAM Foundation, click here.

Rock Chick Rewards — What It’s About…

What does a sister do when she’s living her dream with thousands of sisters at her back making it real?

She gives back.

Three to four times a year, on my Facebook page, Twitter account and anywhere else I can shout it out, I’ll send a callout to my Rock Chicks to nominate their favorite woman’s charity to receive a Rock Chick Reward. There will be a time limit on the callout and once that’s done, the charities nominated will be put in a hat and one will be selected randomly.

Once the charity is selected, we’ll launch some awesome fundraising campaign–selling t-shirts or auctioning off swag–to raise scads of money.

I’ll do my best to keep this exciting and all monies raised will be donated to the winning charity with a matched gift from moi (up to $500 USD just in case you sistahs go crazy).

Now, I’m a Rock Chick so I’m not hip on a lot of rules but there must be some and here they are:

1) Anyone can nominate any woman’s charity from any country. However, the charity nominated has to be a recognized charity in that country, for instance, in the US, it has to have 501(c)3 status or in the UK it has to be registered with The Charities Commission and have a charity number. They also have to be charities in good standing. And last, the charity must provide services to women. These can include domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, ovarian or breast cancer organizations, etc. Only women’s charities will be put in the hat (unless I get a wild hair and decide something different, I can get wild hairs, as proven by the huge amount we raised for BACA [see above]). After the campaign is done, we’ll deal with payments of money.

2) Anyone from any country can participate. And luckily, the t-shirt company we use ships overseas so all can participate in that too!

3) All expenses for this program  will be paid for by moi so the entirety of the winning bid and the matching donation will be made to charity without expenses deducted.

4) Nominations for charities will only be accepted on the postings on my Facebook page. Please don’t email or tweet nominations, too hard to keep track of those!

Now all charities need our support and I want to give back to you by providing that support to a cause that’s close to your heart. That said, although all charity selections will be completely random, I’ll point out that smaller, lesser-known and local charities often struggle mightily for funds. So when you’re thinking about what you want the Rock Chick Nation to support, give a thought to local or little known charities who could really do with the dosh. And remember, the mission is sisters looking out for sisters so only women’s charities will be accepted as nominees (again, unless I get a wild hair).

And last, this is the best way I could think of to thank you for making my dreams come true. You did me a world of good and it’s important to me to give back.

Now, let’s link arms, sisters, and do some good together!

Rock Chick Recharge

This brand-new RCN program is all about what the Nation is all about: doing something for your sister.

What it is is a Rock Chick’s chance to nominate someone she loves to have a night where she’s spoiled rotten. These nominations can be for any reason. Her sister/friend/mom/daughter/co-worker/whatever is having a tough time and needs a special night. Her sister/friend/mom/daughter/co-worker/whatever gives so much love, she needs someone to show her some love in return. Her sister/friend/mom/daughter/co-worker/whatever has done something amazing that needs to be recognized.

It doesn’t really matter.

Whatever it is, those nominating will need to fill out a form applying for their sister/friend/mom/daughter/co-worker/whatever, explaining in 500 words or less why they should be selected to attend a Rock Chick Recharge. The KA Team will have a look at the applications and select a certain amount of winners (this certain amount will be small so the evening can be intimate and focused and the winners can get a whole load of goodness directed at them). The winners will be notified and then they will be invited to attend a fancy-ass dinner at a fancy-ass place where they will be wined and dined with MOI in attendance as well as get a special, slam-bam-hot-diggity-dog swag bag that won’t only have KA goodness in it but also some other awesome stuff that will pamper the hell out of them.

Read this. It’s the most important part: This is about being selfless. This is about giving, not taking. This is about showing support. This is about sharing love.

This isn’t for you. This is for someone you care about.

Stay tuned for news of the next Recharge!

Rock Chick Rendezvous

My Rock Chick Rendezvous are kick-ass weekends we plan and deliver where the goal is to pull the Rock Chick Nation together and build the sisterhood through good times and camaraderie. We do road rallies. We hang in bars. We party down, dancing and drinking and getting crazy. We lounge over coffee and chitter-chat.

In other words, we just revel in the beauty of the sisterhood when it’s about nothing but being together, building our bond and having a great freaking time.

We’ve held Rendezvous in a bunch of cities and several countries and we aren’t done because there’s not much better than not only having your girls around you, but having the opportunity to add to your posse good women who will have your back, make you laugh and be at your side even if they’re far away.

Stay tuned on all social media channels, my newsletter and on my Schedule of Appearances on the homepage of this website for news of upcoming Rendezvous.


Will There Be More?

I have big dreams of doing cool things for my readers, my sisters, my friends through the Rock Chick Nation. My Rock Chick Rewards and Rock Chick Rendezvous have been embraced with open arms by my Chicklets. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Recharges fare. And as we get these programs under our belts and running smoothly, we’ll see what else we can do to build on something that’s already beautiful and powerful and brilliant…The Sisterhood.