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Bloggers and Book Reviewers

Sign up to receive advanced review copies of KA Books!

Do you have a book review blog? Are you interested in receiving advance review copies (ARCs) of Kristen Ashley books? If so, keep reading!

I love bloggers. I think bloggers are the bomb. I aspire to be a blogger but I can’t seem to write short pieces to save my life. They always come out as novels. I guess, in the end , that’s not a bad thing.

I also love working with bloggers. Bloggers have done a lot for me and I wanna do all I can to give back.

So if you have a blog and want to be on our list to possibly receive advance review copies of my books, just pop us an email at KristenAshleyBooks@gmail.com with the following info and away we go!

1.) Your name

2.) Your email

3.) The name and web address of your blog site

4.) Your Kindle address

Now, I hate rules but unfortunately in life you have to have them. But I’ll keep ’em short and sweet.

1.) Review copies are open to any reviewer with any size blog. It doesn’t matter how big your blog is, how many followers you have, etc. Just ask. We’ll put you on the list.

2.) Reviewers must have a blog or their own review site. It’s great if you review at Goodreads or Amazon, but unfortunately we can’t offer advanced review copies if those are the only places you post your reviews.

3.) We offer a set number of review copies to bloggers, so everyone who applies may not be selected to receive an ARC. And just to note, if you’ve been selected to receive an ARC, we unfortunately cannot guarantee you’ll get the next book coming out. We want to spread the love!

4.) You only have to send your info once. Your name will then be in our database and randomly selected with new book releases.

5.) Because time is always short, we ask that you not send us to a site that requires we fill out a form.

6.) It is unfortunate, and was a difficult decision, but although I’ll be happy to consider doing interviews, I can no longer offer unique giveaway opportunities to bloggers. I receive an overwhelming number of requests for these and I simply can’t cover them all. That said, I will consider a giveaway if it’s for charity and I’ll also consider requests for swag if it’s a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, serious hot guy sighting).

7.) If an interview is agreed, please give me 2-3 weeks prior to posting the piece to provide these to you. I want to make certain I take time to write thoughtful answers to your questions, not dash something off because I’m in a hurry!

8.) This just in…all communications regarding interviews, events, reviews, advanced reviews, blog tours are currently being handled by my publicist, KP Simmon at InkSlinger PR. So please be aware that in submitting your information, it will be kept in the KA Blogger Database as well as passed on to my publicist for consideration for promotional opportunities. And it’s highly likely the person you’ll hear from or communicate with is my publicist.

That’s all the rules – see it’s easy!

Now send your email to KristenAshleyBooks@gmail.com or use the form below.

And that’s it! Get to emailing! And thanks for wanting an ARC!

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