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Fully Loaded Potato Casserole

(Or Cassidy’s gift to Deacon when she learned he was a meat and potatoes man.) My sister says she’s a terrible cook. I’m not sure my sister lies about anything. Except this. Whenever we have a family dinner, she always apologizes about how the food she cooked went. Mind you, she does this to a silent table because we’re all gobbling her shizzle up as fast as we possibly can. She’s just a perfectionist. A perfectionist who is a damn fine cook. One day, I went over to her...

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Gratin Dauphenois con Queso

(Or Au Gratin Potatoes) Yes, you read that right, Gratin Dauphenois con queso, I’m American, I have no trouble mixing languages, capisce? And luckily I don’t know Gordo Ramsay and DeeBaby Smith and it is very doubtful they read my website or I’m sure their heads would explode (not only at the name of the recipe but also at their new nicknames). I think of Gratin Dauphenois con Queso as my mother-in-law, Gwyneth’s recipe – even though it...

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Gram’s Baked Beans

My grandmother liked beans, all kinds of beans, she had beans boiling on the stove every day, it seemed like. She also used to put her apple cores on the electric burners and then she’d turn them on low. This drove my Gramps insane because he thought it was a fire hazard. Gram called it “early potpourri” (after, of course, potpourri became the thing). Anyhoots… I never ate Gram’s beans because she boiled them so much, they were all globby and they freaked me out. But Gram’s...

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