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Izzy’s Best Guacamole Ever!

From The Hookup: It was then he touched me for the first time that night. He did this by putting a warm hand on the small of my back, the heat of it melting into my flesh, traveling up my spine and down over my bottom. “Christ, Iz, this is the best guac I’ve ever had,” he stated. I love guac. Period. Recently, I decided to get serious about making good guac, not simply smushing up avocado and adding some salsa and calling it a day. I tried one recipe and it was such a...

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Erika’s Sausage and Mushroom Cups

Or what Jet makes for the gang when she screws things up royally with Eddie in Rock Chick Rescue So, she pushed me into not only going, but also making her sausage, olive and mushroom cups and taking them with me. She was obviously thinking that I’d work my way into Eddie’s heart by filling his stomach with sausage, olive and mushrooms, doused in cream, garlic and Parmesan sauce in a toasted bread cup. I walked into Hank’s carrying a platter covered with foil. It was still...

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